Visa and Certificate of Sponsorship

Applications for Certificates of Sponsorship by Ecorys and the British Council for the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programmes (2014-2020 mobilities placements or traineeships) under the Temporary Work - Government Authorised Exchange (GAE) visa route have now closed.

Although the European Commission has designated the UK as an eligible destination as a “third country” or a “partner” under the 2021- 2027 Erasmus + programme, there is no UK National Agency to support incoming Erasmus+ participants for the 2021-2027 programme. The British Council/Ecorys cannot sponsor any participants funded under project reference numbers starting 2021 or later.

We are unable to provide further advice on sponsorship or visas for the 2021-2027 Erasmus+ programme. Please seek further assistance from your UK host organisations. Alternatively, you can obtain immigration advice from an immigration adviser