Results and statistics

Each year, the UK National Agency receives applications and awards Erasmus+ funding to successful organisations across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

View the latest animation video to get an overview of the Erasmus+ programme in the UK from 2014-2016. Learn about the projects and participants funded so far, what’s happening in each of the four UK countries and about the three Key Actions of the programme.

Funding results

Funding results list all the successful organisations awarded Erasmus+ funding in the UK each year. Download the latest lists on the funding results page.


Statistics showcase the amount of applications received and awarded across the UK since the beginning of the Erasmus+ programme in 2014. Headline figures for 2014-2016 include:

  • 363 million euros awarded in total;
  • 86,585 participants taken part (for 2014-2015, excluding Key Action 2); and
  • 2,910 projects funded.

To find out more, read the reports on the statistics page for information about UK Erasmus+ applications, projects and participants.