Transnational Cooperation Activities

Do you work for a private or public organisation active in the field of youth work, education and training? Do you want to develop your organisation’s capacity and staff competences? Are you interested in learning about best practice in other European countries, sharing knowledge and skills with experts and peers, training your staff and/or finding partners for your projects?

If so, then Erasmus+ TCA can help you!

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What is TCA?

Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCA) encompasses a range of events, seminars and workshops, which enable Erasmus+ National Agencies (NAs) to collaborate and share best practice across Europe. The overall aim of the activities is to improve the quality and impact of the Erasmus+ programme at a systemic level. When planning a TCA, National Agencies refer to the objectives set out in strategic documents such as Europe 2020 and the EU Youth Strategy

Who is TCA for?

TCA is mainly directed at youth and education and training stakeholders, including:

  • individuals and organisations active in the field of youth;
  • vocational education and training (VET) and adult education providers;
  • public bodies at local, regional or national level responsible for education or youth policy. 

Representatives from other sectors involved in Erasmus+, such as Schools and Higher Education, are sought where they can share good practice and take a collaborative approach with the targeted sectors.

What opportunities are available in TCA?

TCA includes a wide range of activities such as workshops, training courses, seminars and partnership building activities on themes relevant to Erasmus+, including:

  • tools to improve the recognition of skills and competences, including those acquired through informal and non-formal learning;
  • inclusion, cultural diversity and intercultural competences;
  • European active citizenship and widening participation;
  • employability and social entrepreneurship. 

Taking part in TCA means you can:

  • create and/or extend contacts and cooperation with organisations coming from similar or different fields across the UK and Europe;
  • gain knowledge and practical skills on Erasmus+ and access support on project ideas;
  • disseminate your projects’ results at European level. 

Who organises TCA events?

TCA events are organised and hosted by Erasmus+ National Agencies in Programme Countries. Some youth TCA activities are organised by the SALTO (Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities) Network, the European group of eight regional Resource Centres working on the European priority areas in the youth field.

What funding is available?

Selected participants based in the UK will receive up to 100% reimbursement of their travel costs, up to a maximum of 500 euro in 2017. Accommodation and subsistence is usually provided for free by the event organisers or else covered by the UK National Agency.

How can I apply for a TCA event?

The application process varies for Youth and Education and Training TCA.

Youth TCA:

  1. Look at the list of projects in the upcoming opportunities section under 'youth';
  2. Read the 2016 guide for applicants (273 KB);
  3. Register on the SALTO website and submit your online application.

Education and Training TCA:

  1. Look at the list of projects in the upcoming opportunities section under 'education and training';
  2. Read the 2016 guide for applicants (290 KB);
  3. Complete the application form (258 KB) and email it to by the deadline specified in the ‘Upcoming opportunities’ section.  

Please note that the UK National Agency only supports specific projects on the SALTO Training Calendar. These are listed under upcoming opportunities.

Further information

For further information, or if you are unsure if a project is supported by the UK National Agency, please contact us at

Applicants residing in other Programme countries should contact their National Agency for further guidance. Applicants from Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU (youth TCA only) should contact their regional Salto Resource Centre.

Upcoming opportunities

Youth TCA

Updated: 21 April 2017

Title Location Date Activity type More information

Educational Barriers in non-formal and formal learning  


19-22 June 2017


Find out more

Apply by 30 April 2017

Developing new forms of participation

Estonia 4-10 June 2017 Training course

Find out more

Apply by 3 May 2017

Social Entrepreneurship in the UK

UK 26-30 June 2017  Study visit

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Apply by 7 May 2017


France 23-27 September 2017 Training course

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Apply by 17 May 2017

Connector 4


3-8 July 2017 

Training course

Find out more

Apply by 17 May 2017


Czech Republic

21-25 May 2017 Training course

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Apply by 25 May 2017

The Incubator


26-29 September 2017 Training course

Find out more

Apply by 2 June 2017

Education and Training TCA

Updated: 21 April 2017

Title Location Date Activity type More information

European shared strategies to put in place a coherent involvement of migrants, youth migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Erasmus+


15-17 May 2017 Training course

Find out more

Apply by 26 April 2017

The impact of evidence based and methodology quality

UK 14-15 June 2017 Training course

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Apply by 1 May 2017

Digital Competencies and ICT in E&T

Estonia 17-20 September 2017 Training course

Find out more

Apply by 3 May 2017

PEARL - Pathways to Enhanced Assessment and Recognition for those achieving Learning within and beyond national borders

Birmingham, UK 4-5 July 2017 Peer learning event

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Draft programme

Apply by 15 May 2017: Complete the application form and email to the organiser.