Vocational education and training survey 2018 launched

The UK Erasmus+ National Agency is pleased to announce a new international research project that aims to explore the impact of vocational training or work placements abroad on vocational learners. The research is a joint project involving the Erasmus+ National Agencies in ten countries. It is funded by the Transnational Co-operation Activities action of the Erasmus+ Programme.

The first stage of the research involves an online survey of learners who took part in a vocational training or work placement abroad. The survey will be launched in October 2018 and will run until December 2018. Participants will be invited to complete a survey via email. The second stage, in 2019, will involve in-depth interviews with former Erasmus+ participants and group interviews with current participants. UK research results are expected to be available by June 2019. The combined international research findings will be launched at VET Week in November 2019.

Completing the survey is voluntary and no-one is required to complete it if they don’t want to. Responses to the survey will be confidential and participants can opt-out of the research at any time.

You can contact the research co-ordinator at the National Agency at [email protected].