#ErasmusDays events taking place across the UK

From 15-17 October 2020 #ErasmusDays will be taking place across Europe and beyond, to celebrate the Erasmus+ programme. The initiative is an opportunity for organisations and participants to showcase their Erasmus+ experiences and spread the word about their projects.

There are a number of events taking place across the UK as part of the #ErasmusDays celebrations. Events range from virtual reunions and meet-ups to online sessions and exhibitions, demonstrating the impact of Erasmus+ projects and providing an opportunity for participants to share their experiences.

EuroPeers UK will also be running a three-day 'EuroPeerathon' on Facebook, with a number of keynote talks, quizzes and stories from fellow EuroPeers.

Whether you are organising your own event or participating in one, don’t forget to share your experiences on Twitter using the hashtags #ErasmusDays and #EPlusPeople.