Erasmus+ brochures available in Welsh

Erasmus+ brochures translated into Welsh are now available in print and digital formats.

Along with the latest (2015-16) version of Learning Together: An introduction to Erasmus+ for the UK (Dysgu gyda’n gilydd: Cyflwyniad i Erasmus+ ar gyfer y DU), there are five publications with tailored information on sector-specific Erasmus+ funding opportunities: adult education (Erasmus+ ar gyfer Addysg i Oedolion), higher education (Erasmus+ ar gyfer Addysg Uwch), schools (Erasmus+ ar gyfer Ysgolion), vocational education and training (Erasmus+ ar gyfer VET), and youth (Erasmus+ ar gyfer Ieuenct).

You can download all these brochures from the Cymraeg webpage. If you require hard copy print versions, please contact us.