Creating active citizens in Erasmus+ youth mobility

The 2018 RAY Triangular Summit ‘Maximising potential: key insights from research for the renewed EU Youth Strategy and Programme’ takes place today in Vienna, Austria.

Organised by the network for the ‘Research-based Analysis of Youth in Action’ (RAY) in the framework of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme, the event brings together 150 researchers, practitioners and policymakers who reflect the diversity of Europe’s youth sector.

During the Summit, the latest research findings from the network will be presented, including a comparison of survey data from 2009 onwards, aiming to inform the implementation of the renewed EU Youth Strategy 'Engaging, Connecting and Empowering young people' and the next generation of the 'Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme'. With an agenda centred on thematic focuses, delegates will have the opportunity to hear key findings and hear from policy makers.

RAY research with participants in UK funded Erasmus+ projects shows how they are helping address UK priorities for involving young people and civil society. One of the key priorities in the recently launched ‘Civil Society Strategy’  is to enable people to contribute and give back to their communities.

Erasmus+ projects have helped improve the capacity of young people to take action and find solutions to the issues effecting their community. Almost nine in ten (89%) of young people who responded to the RAY survey agreed or strongly agreed that they had reported that they had ‘improved their ability to achieve something in the interests of the community or society’.

Erasmus+ projects are also changing behaviours. Significant proportions of young people are more engaged in civil society, in democratic or political life or in volunteering, with young people reporting at least a 25% increase in these activities, as a result of their participation in the project.

The RAY Network was established in 2007 and brings together research institutions, researchers and national agencies from more than 30 countries, to undertake research with participants of European Commission youth programmes.

Follow developments form the Summit live via the network Twitter account @researchyouth and hashtag #RAYNetwork.