How you can use ECVET

ECVET Experts are available in the UK to provide you with advice and support to understand the implementation of ECVET.

What is ECVET?

The European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) is a technical framework to facilitate the transfer, recognition and accumulation of assessed learning outcomes with a view to achieving a qualification. It is designed to facilitate lifelong learning and to support the mobility of people throughout Europe.

Experts from each of the four countries in the UK are available to provide organisations in the UK practical support and training to increase knowledge and awareness of ECVET. The Experts offer practical support and tips on how ECVET can be incorporated into different work and how it can be used to increase the quality of mobility.

Why should I use ECVET?

The project will help you link ECVET to the existing credit system in your part of the UK. The Erasmus+ programme will be used as a key tool for the practical implementation of ECVET in the UK. You can refer to the ECVET principles in Erasmus+ applications.

Visit the ECVET UK website for full information about how you can benefit from the project, request a meeting with an expert and more.