Article 50 update

Updated on 4 July 2017 - 09:30

The National Agency for Erasmus+ in the UK, a partnership between the British Council and Ecorys UK, remains wholly committed to the programme and its benefits. The National Agency strongly supports continued full membership of the programme for the UK through to 2020, so that at least 250,000 people across the UK have the chance to study, train or volunteer abroad, and that UK organisations can continue to collaborate on international projects.

2016 was the most popular year so far for Erasmus+ in the UK and we expect even greater take-up in 2017 because we have a higher budget this year. Successful Erasmus+ applicants in 2017 will be awarded funding for the full duration of their projects, and all beneficiaries should continue their projects with their partners as usual through to completion. The UK continues to be a full member of the EU until the point it leaves as stated in the Prime Minister’s letter triggering Article 50, which says that We will of course continue to fulfil our responsibilities as a member state while we remain a member of the European Union”. The European Commission and European Parliament have confirmed that during negotiations under Article 50, European Union treaties and law continue to apply to the UK, and this applies to projects financed through Erasmus+.

The UK Government has confirmed that it will underwrite grant agreements for Erasmus+ signed while the UK is still a Member State, even if payments continue beyond the point of the UK’s EU exit date. This means that UK organisations can prepare for participation as usual in the 2018 application deadlines which are due to be announced later this year.

We cannot speculate on any possible future scenarios following the UK’s exit from the EU (also known as Brexit), but we note the Government position is that UK participation in some EU programmes may continue subject to the negotiation.

We will continue to update this page with news and information related to the UK’s participation in the Erasmus+ programme. You can sign up to our newsletter or follow us @erasmusplusuk for the latest developments.  2017 also marks 30 years of Erasmus+ and we are collecting inspiring stories and continuing the journey of Erasmus+. You can view our dedicated 30 years of Erasmus+ page or follow the conversation #erasmusplus30 #erasmuspluseffect.

A Welsh translation of this statement (240 KB) is now available to download.