Apply for higher education student and staff mobility funding

Institutions which hold an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) can apply for student and staff mobility funding under Key Action 1.

This part of Key Action 1 is managed in the UK by the British Council as part of the UK National Agency.

     How to apply     

What mobility activities are possible?

Each project can last either 16 or 24 months and institutions can apply for funding to support any of the following mobility activities within a project:

Student mobility

  • study period in a programme country abroad lasting between 3 and 12 months
  • traineeship (work placement) abroad lasting between 2 and 12 months

Students may undertake up to 12 months’ mobility in total per academic cycle (i.e. 12 months during their bachelor degree, 12 months during their master’s degree etc). Each 12 month period can consist of any combination of eligible study and/or traineeship mobilities. Additionally, recent graduates may be supported to undertake a traineeship but they must be selected by their institution during their last year of study and the traineeship must take place within 12 months of graduating.

Staff mobility

  • teaching periods – staff deliver teaching at another Higher Education Institution (HEI) abroad
  • training periods – staff undertake a training event or undergo job shadowing/observation/training in a relevant organisation abroad

Funding can be used to support staff engaged in both teaching and non-teaching roles. Staff mobility activities can last from two days to two months, excluding travel time. Staff teaching as part of their mobility must complete a minimum of eight hours’ teaching per week.

International Credit Mobility

Charter-holding HEIs can apply for funding to send and receive students and staff from beyond Europe, in Partner Countries. Please note that there is a separate application form for this element of the programme. Read more about International Credit Mobility.

Who can apply?

Any institution holding an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, or a Mobility Consortium with Higher Education (HE) Consortium accreditation, can apply. Please read the Erasmus+ Programme Guide for full eligibility criteria.

The European Commission has produced some frequently asked questions for higher education students and staff (422 KB).

If you are a student, you are not able to apply directly for Erasmus+ funding. Please contact your university or college to find out more about the Erasmus+ mobility opportunities available to you.

How to apply

In 2017 there is one application deadline for higher education student and staff mobility funding. This date (2 February 2017) has now passed. The application eForm is still available to download (199 KB) along with the guide for applicants – version 3 (499 KB), for reference purposes only

Applying as a consortium

Consortia must have accreditation to apply for Erasmus+ higher education mobility funding. The application eForm is now available to download (274 KB).

Please note: if your consortium accreditation application is declined then your application for funding will also be declined. If you have already been awarded a consortium accreditation certificate, then you are covered for three consecutive annual Calls and do not need to re-apply within that timeframe.


Any institution wishing to participate in the higher education strand of Erasmus+ must have prior accreditation and hold an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

Who should I contact?

If you have any questions about this activity, please contact the British Council by email or telephone: 0292 092 4311.